Should Scholarships and Fellowships Be Taxed

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Should scholarships and fellowships be taxed? Yes because it’s more money that the government gets so that means that they might take less out of checks. Because they have another source of income. Yes it is an income so like pay checks and other incomes it should be taxed No, the money is for school often is used all for school might disgorge students No, school is expensive people need all the help they can get. What really makes this claim argumentive is that there is a clear argument for either side withers you want scholarships and fellowships taxed or if you don’t scholarships and fellowships to be taxed. So let’s say you want scholarships and fellowships to be taxed. Why would you want that? Well it’s more money to help build stuff that needs to be built like schools or roads or the thousands of other things that need to be paid by tax money. Now what’s a con to having scholarships and fellowships taxed? Well if you’re like most people in America you can’t pay for your college up front so have to take out loans and scholarships to help support you going to school? No matter who you are college isn’t cheap now if the scholarships and fellowships are taxed that’s less money that actually gets to the school so you end up paying more. Also would have more debt. For some people that’s the only way that they can afford to be in school. For both the pros and cons would be able to be easily researched and to find numbers to support them. People will be able to easily to connect to the issue especially if they are college students. It would be harder to get public support to get them taxed because very few people are going to be excited about getting
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