College is not Free

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American citizens are starting to rely on the government for pretty much everything. Now the government is being expected to pay for citizen’s college education. Higher education in America should not be free to all citizens because no one for service jobs, lack of motivation, and there are already programs for those who desire to go to school. America was built by the hard working man. The man who goes to work, works with his hand, and goes home dog tired. America still needs that man to keep it stable. If college education was free to all citizens then America would have no one doing the service jobs that keep America running. One of the major reasons that higher education should not be free to all citizens is the motivation factor. People who go to college now pay to go there and if they fail a class they just wasted a lot of money. If the government paid for everyone’s education then no one would think they would have to work hard and they would think they would have to work hard and they would end up failing once they moved in to there career. The only people that deserve to go to college for free are people that earn a scholarship or those who apply for financial aide. These programs are there for the people that have the desire to go to college. Most people that think a higher education should be free are not very wealth but there are programs like financial aide to help them if they have the desire to get a higher education. If a higher education is just handed to them they begin to take things for granted and if that happens then they expect everything to be handed to them. So if America paid for the higher education of its citizens, America would not improve but eventually fail. Not paying for the higher education insures there will be service jobs; people that don’t have the desire to try in college will not waste the government’s money, and utilize
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