Should College Athletes Be Exempt

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We live in a country where everyone should be treated equally. Just because a student chooses to be athletic doesn’t mean he/she should use their athletic skills to get a free ride throughout their college years. A college student being exempt from classes is unfair to other students, it is their loss of education and not taking college so serious will later on bring consequences. Why go to college if you don't take the classes? Seems kind of pointless, most athletes don't go pro after college, so I why not get the full educational experience? Getting special treatment in school just because you’re an athlete is not fair. College is way to difficult for people to get special treatment just because of a person’s special talent. How about for students who are honor students? All their hard work doesn’t mean anything? If a person who worked hard in their classes does not get special treatment a person who plays a sport shouldn’t get special treatment. As one of my teachers said, “I went to Seton Hall and I feel that college Athletes had it easy” (Mr Clark). She explained that in her college years she saw that the college athletes barely went to classes. Yet, always seemed to pass, their college years were their partying years. Who wouldn’t love to have it so easy for college? Unfortunately, not everyone has it that easy. There are students who work their hardest to earn good grades. Sleepless nights, days of stress and pressure pays off. College students like these are the ones who become successful in life. Hard work definitely pays off. Listening to one of my teachers who was a college athlete speak explain his college experience a lot. He said the following, “My college experience was beautiful, in my hardest class my professor told me exactly like this, I know football, basketball and hockey needs you so as long as you come to my class and put your head

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