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Running head: ARE MILITARY RECRUITERS Are Military Recruiters going too far? Name ABC University Are Military Recruiters going too far? Introduction The media is broadcasting how many young lives were lost in Iraq and Afghanistan on a nightly basis. Many parents of teenage children do not want to expose their children to the possibility of being one of those causalities. Parents are using extreme measures to protect their children from having to go to war. Are military recruiters using any means possible to still fulfill the requirements of our nation’s fighting forces? Sally Ferrell thinks they are (Weiss, 2008). Accusations Sally Ferrell is a Quaker that believes there is no need for war.…show more content…
Sally Ferrell’s claim that the military targets rural and poor neighborhoods is understandable, unfortunately it is not correct. Recruiters are required to contact all students in their assigned areas. Most assigned areas consist of not only lower class neighborhoods, but also very affluent ones. In the upper class schools, the students usually have more options available to them for higher education directly out of high school. This is due to parents that can easily afford to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket for a four year degree. In the lower income areas, these graduates do not have the funds or opportunities of their counterparts. Their parents may not have attended college; therefore the students may have never been taught the importance of a higher education to better themselves in life. The military is a more viable option for them. They will have the opportunity to have their education paid for, understand the importance of education, and possibly learn a valuable skill while being able to serve their country. The promise of enlistment bonuses and money for college is guaranteed in writing when a person enlists. Money and opportunity for college is always available. The most common reason that this writer has observed for it not being used is lack of desire by the individual. Some people just do not desire to get a higher education, even if they don’t have to pay for it. There is a chance that not all will be eligible for bonuses due to lower scores on the ASVAB or other issues such as prior police involvement. The impression that recruiters spend more time in the lower class areas is due to the fact that more students in these areas join the service, recruiters must spend more time with them to enable them to take advantage of what the military has to offer. There is a great deal of paperwork that is required to enlist,
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