Education Is Free But Not Cheap

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Lyn The Cost of “Free” Education Making college free is absurd. Nothing in this world is free; something can always be offered to someone at no cost, but there is always someone who is picking up the cost. If the government makes college free, then taxpayers would be the ones picking up the cost. Each college student has the right to be in college, but having the right does not mean everyone should get to go for free. Making college free would be a handout to many that did not want to go to college and would not take college seriously. A college education should not be free to everyone because going to college is a choice and an investment in ones future; it requires discipline and self -sacrifice with hard work by many. Making college free has been a growing issue between many college students and their parents. Many believe that if college was made free than more students would go and the minority groups would have a better chance at getting educations then they do right now. What many college students and parents know, but do not choose to accept, is that many states have colleges with free or discounted tuition. However, the majority of colleges with discounted tuition are community colleges, are not as attractive as traditional universities. In the United States, there are one hundred known college campuses that offer free tuition (100 Free College Rides). There are twenty-six schools that offer free tuition based on students ACT and SAT scores and six that offer free tuition to college students through work study programs. Sixteen colleges offer need-based assistance to students who come from low income families and the eligible students get free admission from these colleges and universities. The other fifty two colleges offer students free tuition based on professional demand, location,
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