Community College vs. University

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Community College vs. University Graduating from high school brings many changes to one's life. Students are faced with the decision of going to a university or staying home and attending a community college. While both can be a similarly great experience, there are also many differences between the two. The main difference however, is that a community college grants 2 year degrees and a university grants 4 year degrees. Many people think that community college is only for those who can’t get into a university, but that is not true. Community college is a much more affordable way to start an education. In fact, the current price of a state four-year university is nearly triple that of a community college. Not only do students who attend universities have to pay for classes, they also have housing and food to worry about. Students who attend community college can simply live at home and not have to fear the extra expenses. If a student does decide they want a four year degree, starting off at a community college and then transferring to a university is much cheaper than entering a university right out of high school. It is much easier to get into a community college right after high school versus having to wait to be accepted by a university. There are also many things universities look at that community colleges do not, such as standardized test scores, class rank, and academic GPA. Community college is also more convenient than a university. These schools are accustomed to catering to students who are juggling professional and family responsibilities along with their studies. Community colleges typically offer evening, weekend, and online options to help these students work their academics around their hectic life schedules. Community colleges also have an open door policy, meaning anyone is welcome to attend, as long as they are of age. Another great

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