Compare And Contrast Community Colleges Vs Four Year Universities

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Matt Linck Dr. Hathaway English Composition 101 October 8th, 2013 Two-Year Schools vs. Four-Year Colleges and Universities Choosing a college means entering a new and unfamiliar world where an incredible number of possibilities is right in front of you. Perhaps one of the hardest decisions that a recent high school graduate faces is determining where he or she wants to go to school the following year, and then deciding whether that should be a two-year community college or a four-year university. Even though community colleges and universities share a general goal to prepare their students for the future, each has significant differences in aspects such as size, admission requirements, cost to attend, student life, and many others. Community colleges are often more popular among those students looking for an affordable and convenient education, whereas universities offer a higher number of degrees and further schooling for further degrees. There are many aspects that drive high school graduates to choose a two-year community college over a four-year university. These aspects include the cost of tuition, the size of the school, degrees offered, location,…show more content…
However, before a student is able to make an informed decision on where to begin his or her college career, it is important to understand the benefits of attending a four-year college or university to begin the next step of education. Many of the benefits that come with attending a university or four-year college include a more extensive curriculum, more coursework to prepare for finals, and maybe most importantly a significantly more active campus life. The ability to join clubs, play sports, and even join fraternities or sororities is a large selling point of many four-year

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