Community College Case Study

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Cheapest community colleges in USA for international students When making academic decisions, it requires lots of thinking, weighing the pros and cons, costs,course durations, distance and several other factors. Choosing the Cheapest Community Colleges in USA for international students needs much carefulness and this is as important as life itself. Because this decision can be liken to be a life changing one, hence, it should not be treated lightly. Although, for international students the cost of acquiring quality and top notch education in Universities in USA is very expensive and this makes many international students to chose community colleges as they are more affordable and yet offers quality education. Plus, there are several of them…show more content…
Cleveland Community College This is another cheapest community college situated in shelby, North Carolina. The college has many distance learning programs and financial aids for all of its students. Students are also engaged in diverse extra curriculum activities. The school community is very livable for students. It is conducive and very safe. Average tuition fee is estimated at $2,304. 2. Mayland Community College Mayland Community College is located in Spruce Spine in North Carolina. It was founded in 1970 and it is one of the college system of North Carolina. This is one of the top cheapest community college in USA. The community college is in partnership with several other colleges and universities and this makes it easier for students to transfer between these colleges and universities. The college has several scholarship programs for its students. The financial assistance covers higher percentage of the overall expenses of the students. Its average tuition fee is estimated at $2,429. 3. Northeast Community…show more content…
The college offers diverse courses and programs. Plus, students can easily transfer between colleges and universities without stress. Th college is popular for its versatility in the area of study. Various course and skills can be acquired from this unique college.There are also availability of financial assistance for all its students whether international students or not. Its average tuition fee is estimated at $3,060. 6. East Mississippi Community College East Mississippi community college was established in 1927. It is located in Scoopa, East Mississippi. The college is spread across five locations in the city and has two major campuses, making it seven locations. They are located in different divisions. It offers technical courses and academic programs. The students can as well apply for available financial aids in the college. The college also provide a standard accommodation for some of its students in one of the campuses. The rate of opportunity for the students in securing employment is very high.Its tuition fee is estimated at $3,490. 7. Madisonville Community

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