EDU-230: Issues In Multicultural Education

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Sandra Brickey April 16, 2013 EDU – 230 John Brown Issues in Multicultural Education The program in our school district that affects the education of our diverse students, would be the Education Act Plan. The Educational Art plan, does not have enough leadership skills and curricular activity support for the arts. They are twenty – six districts in Stanislaus County alone. They do not have enough teacher's to support all of its students that are interested in the program. The salaries is very minimal. The Education Arts Coordinator's are not sure that it will sustain an ongoing problem for all age groups in school ( The people that are involved would be the Education Coordinator's, Administration, teacher's, and even…show more content…
Who gained from this was our K-12 reform programs (Department. of Education, 2012). If this was so, then why are most of our programs being shut down? It seems like we do not get the full story of what is going on with the program budget and were is all of the money going. They are always raising college tuition to help pay for different programs but, it seems that they are not focusing on the programs for the diverse students that are here in the United States. A part of this solution we should be helping the low – income performing schools and encourage parents involvement. Parents need to…show more content…
Which means the budget would have to provide $295 million for our Administration to reauthorize the proposal to have the support of a higher – quality of public education. This will benefit the students that are attending low – performing schools, (Dept. of Education, 2012). This will need to be implemented with money, time manpower, and the materials for the students to use in classroom. The Title I and IDEA Grants will sustain the commitment to help the disadvantage students and which will also, include the diverse students, as well as, students with disabilities. The grants will provide $14.5 billion for ESEA Title I and $11.6 billion for individuals with disabilities and so forth. This will help the Education Act to help provide teacher's for this program plan. The government thinks this will be taken place in 2014. The teacher's need to be willing to go to other educational intervention meetings to brush up on their technology and skills. There have been forty – five states to apply for this grant and already thirty – five states have been approved to ensure their programs of Education Art Plans. This will advance all students to achieve their educational goals for a better future. The Department of Education will focus on the success of this program in both early education and K-12 grade. (Department of Education, 2012). This means that the states that had applied will ave to commit to a higher education

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