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What Merits Pay? Corey B. Poitier What Merits Pay? The issue of Merit Pay is a controversial one. The State of Florida has been trying to initiate a Merit Pay System since 2006. What merits Merit Pay? In the private sector pay levels are tied to performance, but that is based on a singular individual’s statics and output. To apply this type of pay structure to public school teachers is impossible. Teachers work on an individual basis, alongside with 32 students who must apply themselves to achieve. How would you rate a Teachers success with these students? “Out of 800 teachers in our district, 100 applied for merit pay. Only 12 teachers were chosen. The district simply did not have the funds to reward the remaining 88 teachers who probably…show more content…
If you do then merit pay simply wouldn't work. “(Gazette, 2009) Basing the teachers’ pay on performance will create a void of experience and excellent school teachers for failing school students. The void will be open for inexperience teachers to work with these students. The losers in this case are the students. “Many states and school districts are finding it increasingly difficult to implement performance pay programs. Mounting budgetary constraints and research that has shown that these programs have little or no impact on student performance.” (Blazer & MDCPS, 2011) No teacher will take less pay and work just as hard or harder to educate students. Teachers will flock to higher performing schools to get paid. I viewed it as the school system might as well open “Gladiatorial Games” outside achieving and over achieving schools. I have witnessed 20-year teachers either leaving the same school they have been at for years to go to a new achieving schools or retiring to avoid dealing with the Merit pay system. This is a loss for the student learning population in any school. I have also witnessed the openings for teaching positions at underachieving schools still open until late January. Why? Because, what teacher is going to go and work at a school that will receive an “F or…show more content…
You can have competition in education, Teacher of the Year (School, County, District and State), between classrooms within a school, between two schools and between districts. These competitions in education already exist and they generate achievement for those involved. I believe that the German education system has the right idea. Have schools compete for the value of the student dollar. This has schools competing to have the best programs to attract the most students possible to fill their walls. In this system schools specialize in sports, drama, science, law, technology and military. If the school does not compete well then it closes. How does this factor to Merit Pay? Well, the teachers involved in these schools specialize in two subjects (e.g. Broadcast Journalism and Political Science) this allows the teacher to be compensated greatly. This also allows for teachers to have greater influence on the students. The dark side of the fight for Merit Pay will and has ended the careers of some of the best teachers in education. They were unable to make students achieve at the level placed upon them. This was especially evident in the lowest

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