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Our Government and Generational Poverty Generational poverty exists in the United States, even though we may not be completely aware. It affects many individuals and families in our society and we fail to do something about it. We go about our day thinking of only ourselves when there are plenty of people that could use our help. Many of us don’t exactly know what generational poverty is. Generational poverty is exactly what it says; poverty that is passed down through generations in a family. It is a difficult cycle to break. Some of the complex factors that are in involved in overcoming generational poverty include education of both parents and children. We need to help them receive the resources that they need in order to achieve a…show more content…
They tend to drop out of school at around age 15 in order to help raise younger siblings, and sometimes their own child. They have no encouragement in the home to continue their education and are forced to work in poor paying jobs or as migrant workers. Those that get the opportunity to get their GED and continue to get a college education tend to be insecure and shy because their language skills are not at the same level as that were fortunate to receive a continuously good education. Most, not all, tend to get depressed, stressed, and overwhelmed, and some tend to once again dropout because they have no support. Those that get lucky and have a support group tent to make it to the end in order to receive their diploma or certificate and attain a better paying job. What I have learned after doing research and watching the videos provided, my perspective changed only towards the government. The government is somewhat at fault for generational poverty. They know that the schools offer education based on their resources and if schools in these areas aren’t offered enough resources they cannot provide a quality education for those kids. They claim that without a quality education, generational poverty will never cease. But the government does nothing to help out in these

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