Should Children Attend Year-Round School?

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Should Children Attend Year-round School? Two months summer vacation. What can be better for kids? The best memories come to my mind when I remember about my school summer vacations. At the end of vacation kids usually miss the school, and when next year starts they are going to school very happy and totally refreshed. But it all can be ended with year-round school. We, adults, work year-round; it would be great for us to have 2 month summer vacation. They are our kids; there is no need to put them on the same level with us. Let kids enjoy their childhood, and summer vacation is the part of their childhood. Year-round school definitely is not good idea for kids. Children shouldn’t attend Year-round school because it will increase expanses for school. If school open year round more money will spend for teachers, maintenance, school buses, and lunches. Those expenses will coast us a lot of money. Why us? Because the money will be taken from our taxes. In the article that I have read online I found that 4% tax property increase last year made parents already unhappy. If it will be Year-round school tax increase will be much higher. Schools already struggle with money, many teachers got laid off. Better to keep our 10 months school system and keep teachers in school for not to have over 30 kids in one class. 63 % adults opposed to Year-round school. For sure children shouldn’t attend Year- Round School. The other reason why traditional 10 months school should be saved is our teenagers. Nowadays teenagers want to buy a lot of different things. Not all of the parents can afford it. So many students work in the summer time. It is good for the teenagers, because they learn how to work, how to spend their money, and not asking parents for money, that mean to be more independent in the future. With Year-round school it will be impossible. Opponents say that in 2

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