All Year Round School

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Persuasive Essay Should we have school all year round? By Megan Greenberg Many people have wondered about the learning schedule of kids. An idea was brought up of having three shorter breaks throughout the year rather than one long summer break. I’m a student of Salisbury middle school and sister of a school teacher, and I think year round school is a very bad idea. Over breaks you tend to forget what you learned before the break. No matter how short the break is, you still forget key ideas on what you learned. With three fairly long breaks in the middle of the year, most of the education time would be spent catching up and reviewing old work rather than learning new school concepts. In conclusion, you would be less educated with shorter breaks throughout the year. One reason we should have one large summer breaks is that students and teachers look forward to having some nice long time off for themselves. Three shorter vacations means that the breaks would be over before you know it. People enjoy relaxing in long weather for a long period of time before having to go back to school, I know I do. It’s much easier for teachers and students to enjoy their break when they don’t have to think about working at school for a while. One long summer break is definitely needed. Having shorter breaks throughout the year would mean less involvement in school organized activities. At least half of the students in our school are involved in some sort of these activities that only take place on school days. At our school the field hockey and soccer team start at the end of summer, but with three shorter breaks you would be completely forgetting about those activities during break. Some of these activities are sports, instrumental lessons, and the after school program. People do these activities during the school year, and they’d lose much of their time at the frequent breaks.
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