Year-Round Schooling Pro Rebuttal

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Ian Brown Mr. Moran English I - Honors 12 March 2012 Year-Round Schooling Pro Rebuttal The issue of having year-round school in America or not has been going around for decades. This system is practiced throughout the world with the huge exception of many of our schools. Some claim that it doesn’t make a difference to a child’s scores, but spending more time in the classroom, with shorter but often breaks, can keep their mind refreshed. Even U.S. President Barack Obama stated that the hardships and new challenges in this emerging century “demand more time in the classroom.” Some opponents of this system say that our summer vacation is the perfect time to have a full time-off and that you won’t lose much of what you learned the previous school year. In fact, according to a study at the University of Missouri, they found that many students forgot over two and one-half months of whatever their grade-level equivalency is in mathematics. (Wilkenfield) Plus after the summer vacation, many teachers end up spending from four to six weeks of the next school year trying to review what had happened in the previous years, says David Payne, a former principal. Summer vacation is one of the only major times that parents are able to travel or take vacations, however, year-round schooling which allows small breaks throughout the seasons. Also, travel rates during the summer are usually higher than other times of the year. When students return to school after a summer break, there is often a long time period of adjustment. Opponents may also say that the use of multi-tracking doesn’t work and that it wouldn’t bring any funds when the schools accommodate more students than regular schools. Well this general idea is considered false in many ways. One way is that multi-tracking does save money for the schools when it allows schools to enroll more students than what their

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