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Karlon King 1/3/13 English III-D1 Do you like to ‘chill-lax’ in the summer? Summer is the best time of year. It is a time when you get to stay out late and sleep in; also it is a time to simmer down from all the hard work form your past school year. Year round school would take that away from us. Many people believe school should not be all year round for many reasons. In the summer time people go away, stress builds up and it would be hot to learn in and for teachers to teach in for schools that do not have air conditioning. I’m not with the idea of changing the school schedules because we should enjoy our summer, it will be too much tension or stress through the school year and it’ll be extremely hot during classes and studies.…show more content…
Students and teachers in other countries may not feel the same but, in the United States, people need longer then just one or two weeks during the summer to relax and relieve all the stress that they might have. When stress builds up, you need to take time to relax for a while, and a week or two during the summer would not be enough time to do that. When students have been off for a couple of weeks it is always hard to go back because you know your going to have to work and this would make some students depressed. So we need the two months during the summer time to relieve the stress that might build up during the summer. In the summer time it is very hot most days and schools without air conditioning would be very hard to learn in and for teachers to teach. When the summer comes around students begin to give up on their school work because it is so nice outside that they want to be out there instead of in school or doing work. If school was during the summer time a lot of students would not be completing their work. When it is hot in the school most students find it hard to learn and concentrate. If your school did not have air conditioning it would be very hard to learn during the summer

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