Summer Reading Beneficial Essay

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Summer homework for students has become a controversial issue and the subject of myriad books, articles, and commentaries. Although teachers believe in the benefits of academic work assigned for the summer, research conducted on its merits would seem to indicate that the benefits are questionable. Summer reading is given to students every year. It is an assignment handed out which is to be completed by the time school starts next year. It is compiled of a list of books in which one must be chosen and read. The assignment may also includes a project that usually requires time and effort that must be completed as well. Schools are out for the summer, there are no more teachers and no more books. Students are ready for two months of summer fun some going to the beach and hanging out with friends is what summer is all about. Nowhere in that itinerary does it include reading a book and completing a project. With all the activities going on there is no time to read, let alone finish a project. I find myself procrastinating until the last possible second. By the time I even pick up the book summer is over and the project is due. Incentive is nearly impossible. For some students summer reading gives them something to do because they cant go out for some circumstances. For many, even myself included, this assignment is not interesting. It is a complete waste of time. One of the reasons I think its not beneficial is because we have 9 months of school where we learn and read or anything else and only 2 months of summer vacations where we have fun and do whatever we want. The summer reading project is not only a waste of time for students, but a waste of time for teachers as well because they will have lots of grading and any student is able to receive information about the book from friends; even the internet contains information about the book. Not once having to open the

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