Why I Took Summer School

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Why I Took Summer School Some very important point were taken into consideration when I made the decision to take summer school this year. English 12 seemed like the perfect, foolproof course to choose because it would mean less work next year, a second chance if I get a terrible mark, and my undivided attention to a subject I don't excel in. Firstly, because English 12 is the only course with a provincial exam in grade 12, I'd love to get it over with. My grade 12 year is filled with difficult, time consuming courses like AP Calculus and AP Chemistry, and I need all the study periods I can get. During those periods I'd be able to finish homework or study for tests, leaving me more time to concentrate on all my extracurricular activities, sports and scholarship applications. Furthermore, if I do end up getting a terrible marks, I'd have an opportunity to be able to repeat the course. Looking at the amount of repetitive work we have to do everyday, my guess is that I won't do as good as I usually would in an English class. For example, it's very hard not to get bored with writing an outline, rough draft, second draft, and final copy all in the same day; it will drop my mark for sure. Additionally, there's something about essay and paragraph writing that just demands my full attention; summer school excellently provides this opportunity . I mean, for some reason, I can never concentrate or even get myself started on writing non-opinionated pieces. Call me shallow, but they just don't come to me naturally. Having three other academic courses will turn this into an impossible task; therefore, I'm taking English in the summer so I have almost the whole day to get started. To conclude, by taking English, a subject that's not my best, in the summer, I'm greatly increasing the positive outcomes to come out of my last year at high school. The less workload in the future,

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