Key Influences on the Learning Process of Individuals

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In this essay I am going to explain key influences on the learning process of individuals. I am doing a BTEC extended diploma in health and social care right now at college and I am enjoying it so far. I did As levels last year in applied science, media studies and communication and culture and did like the subjects which made me go off track I didn’t attend lessons and my attendance dropped poorly. However when I came to pick up my results and I didn’t get the grades that I needed I realized that I need to put my head down because I don’t want to end up doing a boring/retail job all my life. My career goal is to become a radiographer which my dad first introduced to me and I found rather interesting, but my plan B is social work. My ambition to become a radiographer/social worker; this influences my learning in the sense that it gives me the wish to learn new things and improve my knowledge. I believe that if I did not have such a desire to be a radiographer/social worker, it would affect my learning by creating a mental blockage which would disallow my ability to take things in and learn; I would become lazy and uninterested from the lack of direction in my life as I did last year in A levels. As soon as I realized what I wanted to do as a career, it really shifted my priorities and I found that I have started to focus a lot more on my education and work hard. I have started paying more attention in classes than last year and im trying to produce good assignments which gain me the grades I desire. I want to be able to earn god money for myself and not be hanging onto my parents for life and become an independent woman. I believe that an individual’s personal learning process would include: informal and formal learning, motivation, attitudes, friends, learning style and access to resources.I choose these influences because they all have an effect on an

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