Year Round School

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Research Paper During July one might see kids of all ages splashing around at the local public pool or playing in a nearby park, but for many kids they are returning to there assigned seats, and pop quizzes after a short summer break. I feel that every Elementary, and secondary school’s calendar should be year round, containing the same amount of days. Year round school will help kids retain information, and decrease summer learning loss. Also with year round school summer school, which is only satisfactory at helping students, will no longer be needed with the intercession periods that can go on during every break the students have. Year round school is also essential for teachers as well as students. Teachers, and students wont feel burnt out by April or May, making the production of both higher. In the following paragraphs I will tell anyone who reads this that the smartest decision is to be for year round school. (Year-Round schools Look Better All the Time, Pg. 1-2) A traditional school year would have a 180-day school year with short breaks for the holidays followed by a 12-week summer break. After that long break over the summer, where the kids are most likely sitting around doing nothing beneficial to their education, they tend to forget most of what they learned the previous school year. That is called summer learning loss. In a year round school calendar, schools still only have 180 days, but more frequent breaks will be given. With more breaks about 1-2 weeks long, students wont forget what they learned before the break. The two best plans for when breaks should be given are similar, but just a little different. The 45/15 plan is 45 days of school that will be followed by a 15-day break. The other plan is the 60/20 plan is similar, but instead of 45 days of school there will be 60 followed immediately by a 20-day break. Ron Marcus a
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