Pros And Cons Of Year-Round Schooling

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Year-Round Schooling Summer break is great. We all think so. But when you walk into Algebra 1 your first day back at school and the teacher says, “Pop quiz! Lets see what you know!” And that’s the moment when you realize that you don’t remember anything from the previous year. Year-round schooling is a better system than traditional because it’s better for students learning, it keeps kids involved and engaged, and, as much as this might surprise you, it doesn’t mean less vacation time. So on that first day back, your probably freaking out. Your thinking, “I DON’T REMEMBER THIS!! HOW CAN A TEACHER EXPECT ME TO REMEMBER THIS STUFF AFTER A WHOLE SUMMER!!” They shouldn’t. You have been out of school for more than 2 months. How could you not forget? And that’s when year-round schooling comes in. Year-round schooling is better than traditional because it is better for students learning. This system helps avoid the “Summer Slide”(The Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schooling). “Summer Slide” is when the kids are not is school for the summer and have a massive learning loss form…show more content…
I won’t have any vacation time! Well actually, that is not true. Really when you look at it, you have more breaks for vacations. Year-round schooling doesn’t mean less vacation time (Should Americans Go Year-Round?). You get just as many days off at a year-round school as you would at a traditional school, just at a year-round school, it’s spreaded out through the year rather than all in one big break (The Pros and Cons of Year-Round School). Short breaks gives time for kids to have a better education and avoids kids getting too board over the long break. Yeah, you wouldn’t get to have 3 week vacations, but who does? Some kids say that they get a break right when they need it and it’s refreshing to them and they’re ready to listen (The Pros and Cons of Year-Round School). It would be easier for them to pick up where they left

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