Changing My Attitude For Success

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Alicia Douglas English 12- Essay 6th period January 17, 2012 Changing My Attitude for Success If I don’t care about my education then no one else will. Making wise choices is a big part of my academic success. My attitude toward my education is very serious because I want to go to graduate and go to college and further my education. Without some education there is nothing you can really do nowadays that can have you with a good financial future for your family. In my essay I will examine three things I need to do to change my attitude on my education these things are; go to totoring, study, and stop procrastinating. I am doing exceptionally well in all my classes except for one Ms. Boykin’s Algebra II class. It is my fault because I don’t wake up early enough to go to tutoring in the mornings. My strategy for the 2nd semester is to study and to stay on top of make up work when I am absent and go to tutoring to get help on things I don’t understand. Since high school I’ve been doing poorly in math but, I’m not going to let it get the best of me and I will do what ever is necessary in order to pass and graduate in June. When I go home I don’t study and I don’t even bring my book bag in the house, most times I just go in my room and just sit there. On weekends I don’t study because most the time I’m always out with friends. I’ve
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