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“All Year round School” Over the last few years there has been one topic that has been debated very much and is very controversial. That is the issue of having an all year round school calendar. Some people argue that all year round school is a good. They argue that having an all year round School Calendar is a good thing because it improves grades. They say that all year round school is horrible because it takes away summer vacation – that it takes away time for long vacations. There are three main pros of having an all year round school. The traditional style is out of date, during the summer parents don’t know what to do with their kids and the knowledge loss is decreased and the third is vacations. Even though the list of cons is longer than the list of pros of having an all year round school calendar I believe that the short list of pros should be the reason that we leave the traditional school calendar in the past. The first pro of having all year round school is the fact that the traditional school calendar is out of date. When public schools were first set up the United States was still mainly agriculturally based. Most of the students when the public schools were first set up lived on a farm and helped the parents around the farm. The school system acknowledged that and so they set up a 2.5 to 3 month summer vacation for students to help around the farm because that is the optimal time when farming is at its peak. And in today’s society, as much as we like a summer break that is two and half to three months long, isn’t really needed. It’s not very needed for two reasons. The first one is the fact that not very many students actually live on a farm. They really don’t need the three month vacation that was needed back then. And that leads us into the next point and that is today’s society is mostly a technological society. Most students in the

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