Extended School Day Persuasive Essay

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Extended School Day Persuasive Essay An extended school day may night be the best idea for students in today’s society. Most students do not need to spend an extra two hours of school getting help on their homework. The majority of students would rather finish their work at their own pace and would not be able to sit through a longer school day. We also must keep in mind that students today have many responsibilities that they must manage outside of school; these responsibilities range from after school jobs to even having to babysit their younger siblings. First of all, many students have after school jobs that they have to maintain. Some families rely on their kids to provide either for themselves or for their families. An extra two hours of school might not allow kids the ability to juggle school and work at the same time. Also if the school day is two hours longer, students that work will not have enough time to maintain a social life or even be able to keep their jobs. Extending the school day may do more harm than good. Secondly, a major reason why the school day should not be extended two hours for students to get help on their homework is simply because of the fact that they do not all need it. Many kids like to work at their own pace and should have the option of getting help or not. Kids that need help go to after school tutorial, but the school should not enforce that all students must stay longer. Another reason to support this idea is because students do not always need two hours to do their homework. For example, some days students may not have homework at all, some days they have homework that may only take 15 minutes, and some days they have hours of homework that they rather do at the comfort of their own home. Third of all, students have many responsibilities that they have to maintain outside of schools. Many parents rely
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