Christmas Break Argument

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When at school, many students long for summer vacation. But with two hundred and sixty one days of school, breaks are what they fall back on to last them until the final escape--summer. Christmas break is the best out of all breaks. Christmas break is the best because it is the longest. Being two weeks, it is easier to travel with friends or family and enjoy vacation without having to worry about its shortness. Also, students have more time to spend on activities or hobbies like skating, baking cookies, or being highly motivated on not doing anything. Even though it is harder to jump back into school mode with a long gap, students find it easier to mentally and physically prepare for the future’s busy schedule. Being engage in learning requires time for students to recover from their festive activities. With two days off, students may be too distracted reminiscing about what they had done before school, but with fourteen more days added they can arrange and settle their minds for the school activities. Second, extravagant parties occur on Christmas break more than the other breaks. Unlike Thanksgiving parties, Christmas is a festival – a three day feast - spanning Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and the day after Christmas. In addition, New Year’s party is the upcoming week. Christmas is also the only holiday to celebrate with peers and families that deals with exchanging gifts. Presents are a mystery. The secrecy of it makes the person excited and wants to know what is hidden. Thirdly, students and teachers can appreciate having no school for sixteen days. Both can relax. Waking up before 6:00 a.m. is not necessary. Furthermore, students do not need to worry about any school work. Not only does the body need to relax, but the mind needs its rest in order for new information to be stored. Although students can be less productive during breaks, people need to

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