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I disagree with Caroline Bird’s view that not all high school students should get a college education because, as recent research has show, college graduates make a significant amount of more money than non- graduates. Recent studies have shown that someone working in a profession with only a high school degree makes anywhere from fifty -nine to sixty -six thousand dollars less annually than someone with a masters degree from any given college. That proves that although college may not be for everyone, a person still needs to go in order to make any kind of money to live off of. With the cost of living going up rapidly, it will be very hard to get by with only twenty- three thousand dollars each year. I agree that many high school students are not ready to go on to college. Some are not ready for what college has to offer and are not ready to leave the security of their homes. All these are points that need emphasizing since so many people believe college is…show more content…
I do support Caroline Bird’s position that not all people should continue their education to college. College may not be for everyone. On the other hand, I’m not sure if Caroline Bird establishes the actual need for a college education in order to make any significant amount of money in the future. Although studies are done on the amount of money that people earn with a college degree, there are some cases where people who do a certain trade make the same amount of money as those with a degree. They have to work harder, but it can be done. My personal belief is that a person should go to college whether it be a university or a community college to just further their education if only for two years; people are still able to get that experience and say they went to college. For example electricians make thirty- eight thousand a year starting out and that is more than a person trying to get a job with out a college degree. So although it is harder it can still be

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