Is College for Everyone?

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College degrees are being more and more sought after as they become more prevalent in the business world, but the people enrolling in universities are becoming less fit to attend them. In the article, “Is College For Everyone?”, Pharinet argues that many people attending college do not belong there. This essay will analyze Pharinet’s article and explore the topic of whether or not college is beneficial to all individuals. Pharinet begins the article by stating that more and more people are attending two and four year colleges. The purpose of this article is to prove that college is not designed for every individual. It is not a desire for knowledge that these individuals enroll in colleges straight out of high school, but for many different reasons that could be different for each person. Every person could have a different reason for attending college. It could be due to the fact that your parents pressured you into going to college. It could be that you felt you would find yourself in college after you graduated high school. There are many reasons one could attend college, but go for the wrong reasons and not end up sticking around for very long. In paragraph two, the statistic is given that it is estimated that around 50% of students who begin college will never graduate. With shocking numbers like that, it is very hard to believe that college is for everyone. Pharinet believes in the importance of education and believes that every individual should have the right to be educated. On the other hand, she does not think that two and four year colleges are the desirable educational fit for everyone. There are other suitable education options for people who are not cut out for traditional college and simply do not belong there. Another aspect that overwhelms students is the busyness of college. They often do not know what they are signing up for when they
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