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Its fall again! Time hit the books - if you can afford them. The price of college textbooks increased 186 percent an average of about six percent per year between 1986 and 2004 (Koch 1). The price of college textbooks has become an issue that is affecting the lives of many students, parents, and professors across the nation. For college students money is not always easy to come by. Many like me are full time students, still under the wing of a parent or parents, and without a job; therefore, the only source of income that we posses is that of our parents. In my experience, if my parents have to spend more money on college expenses then they are not as willing to spend money on other things I may want or need. Professors are also affected…show more content…
Publishers put out so many new editions that it makes it nearly impossible to buy used books or sell your books at the end of the semester. This continuous distribution of editions is a way to force students and professors into buying new books (Pressler E01). I believe that a limit should be set on the number of editions that a publisher puts out decade. Unless there has been a dramatic innovative discovery that must be documented, a textbook a publisher should not have to release a new edition. A study was conducted to find out the time between the average new edition release. The result of this study concluded that a new edition was doused every 3.8 years regardless of whether or not any of the information had changed (Pressler E01). If the information is the same why change the…show more content…
If publishers stop selling the book they stop making money; if they are not making money than they are not happy. This is where the subsequent element of my proposal comes into play. If the publishers are worried about losing money due to the limitations put on the number of editions they put out per decade, then I propose that the publishing companies create a volume with only the new information. This volume should be purchased at a reasonable price in addition to the old

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