Case Against College Education

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“The Case Against College Education” Thesis: College is not for everyone and it is absurd that society puts so much pressure on attending it. SR# 1: We are pushing students into college who are not meant for it. -40% of students who enrolled in college drop out. SR# 2: Benefits of putting more people in college are oversold. -the college wage premium is an illusion. SR# 3: There are other alternatives to the traditional college. -online learning is more flexible and affordable. SR# 4: It’s absurd that people have to get college degrees to be considered for good jobs. -it eliminates other people who are equally qualified without college degrees. “If you’ve got a trade, you’ve got it made” Thesis: Forcing all high school students onto a college prep track is wrong. SR# 1: Not everyone is made for college. -a high percentage of students who attend school, drop out. SR# 2: Skilled workers are needed just as much. -blue collar baby boomers are retiring. SR #3: The United States has become a one-track type of education, ignoring other people’s demands. -vocational programs have declined in number and quality; yet; demand for them has increased. “Turning academia into a cafeteria” Thesis: offering students a choice-chaddled society only undermines intellectual integrity and corrodes academic freedom. SR# 1: Diversity and choice in academia is not good. - not every view is worth teaching. SR#2: Opening the curriculum to alternate viewpoints undermines intellectual integrity. -academic freedom moves from teachers to students and parents giving to dishonest course. “Is a college degree still worth it?” Thesis: Is unclear whether pursuing higher education will continue to guarantee a substantially more affluent and secure

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