Success Upon Graduation

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Many people have always believed that the only way to make something of themselves is by having education. Although not many people can afford an education there are many ways to obtain one. However, for this reason many people are not able to go to college or even be part of the graduating percentage. Those who do obtain a degree leave college expecting to find a job in their field. There are many contradictions about whether or not college students are able to obtain a job in their chosen field. Lacey Johnson in her article, “Many with New College Degree Find the Job Market Humbling,” believes that employment for graduates is discouraging. While Catherine Rampell in her essay, “Job Outlook for College Graduates Is Slowly Improving,” believes that graduates have a promising future finding good jobs. There are many factors that effect a college graduate’s ability to obtain a job in their field of study; other factors affect the success a graduate has after graduating depending on their degree. To begin with, it depends on the degree you obtained and the degree required to obtain a well-paying jobs in the chosen field. As Rampell stated in her essay by another source, “I knew there weren’t going to be many job prospect for me until I got my Ph.D., said Travis Patterson, 23 a 2010 graduate of California State University, Fullerton(294)” some fields require further education. For example, it is impossible to become a surgeon with a bachelor degree, but to become a nurse that is all you need. For every field there is also a requirement. Although this is the case for many fields Johnson believes that for any field a higher education is required to obtain a well-paying job. On the other hand, Johnson states in her essay, “Many employees overestimated their hiring growth last year, anticipating a 10-percent increase in new bachelor’s degree hires; but this year’s data
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