Argument Paper - Importance Of a College Education

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Argument Paper Importance of a College Education English 111 Having a quality college education is key to one’s success in the world today. Education is an aspect of life that can transform surviving the daily grind into enjoying the day-to-day work life. The ability to be proud of one’s profession is a fact of life rarely accomplished. It seems as if there is always someone in any given career field that does not like what they do for a living. Expressions such as “I can’t wait to quit,” “I wish I had a better job,” and “I don’t want to go to work,” are expressions spoken by nearly every person at some point in his or her lifetime. Individuals expressing these feelings can avoid these emotions by making the right choices in their secondary and post-secondary education. In today’s economy having a quality college education could mean the difference between getting a job versus having a career. Having a job can be defined as simply working to survive. Having a career can be defined as working in a field where the worker loves what they do and he or she is benefitting in ways such as mentally, financially or spiritually. Although many individuals can see the importance of a quality education there are some that see college education as simply a waste of time, funds, or impossible due to their situation. In this paper I will explain how obtaining a quality education can impact an individual’s life and why it is vital. The necessity of a college education for one’s career, financial situation, and family will be explored throughout this paper. The excuses people give for not furthering their education after high school varies. Individuals may find themselves in a variety of unfortunate situations such as unplanned pregnancies, financial hardships, and just simple insecurities about their lives. They tell themselves why waste four years that I could be out in

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