The Real Cost of a Higher Education in America

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Higher education is an important aspect in our lives, not many people can argue with that. Without it, we have a limited opportunity to gain an education, and continue to keep growing and learning. Many future career prospects can be thought unattainable or are denied due to the lack of a diploma from a college or university. However, the system set up for higher education in America at present has a lot of work to be done. I, for one, think that our educational system needs to be revamped almost completely. There are definitely a broad range of reasons Ungar gives in his essay backing up studying and receiving a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Ungar acknowledges that a degree in the Liberal Arts is ‘a luxury that most families can no longer afford.’ (191) He then uses the rest of his essay to persuade you of the many reasons that this is not the case. I agree that having a degree in the Liberal Arts is a ‘luxury’ for many Americans nowadays because my experience as a current college student confirms it. Only I think of the ‘luxury’ as being able to step into and attend college classes daily. Many students are denied the privilege to even be accepted to a university based on their income, ability to pay for tuition costs, and time juggling a full time job. While I agree that trade schools and training program degrees may be appropriate for many individuals, I personally think that one obtains a well-rounded education when taking classes in the Liberal Arts and can obtain more ‘real world’ training if laid off from employment and forced to take an unfamiliar job. Many need to be able to continue to provide for themselves, and often a family with no advisement or help from others. I agree again with Ungar on his theory that “it is often difficult to explain the advantages of a liberal-arts education to people from other cultures, where it is common to
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