Is College Worth It?

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Is College Worth it? With rising costs of college, a college education becomes a gamble rather than an investment. Although it works out well for millions of Americans, many college graduates have found themselves unable to get a quality job in their field in this economy with inescapable debt to their school. Purchasing an education to make more money only to end up owing money may not be the best solution. Despite the benefits of a college education, such as a better starting pay in entry level jobs and some better opportunities to find world, these benefits are only individual and do not outweigh the price it takes to achieve them. College is too expensive to be paid for by every high school graduate because it throws students and their families into pools of debt and is not worth the money for those that do not even graduate. Attending college presents numerous risks and gambles, yet college is ultimately an ‘investment.’ Although it may not pay off right away, it will reward those with a degree financially in the future. Obama continued on to say that “higher education should not be a luxury,” but a crucial part to building a career and a future. (Obama). Nowadays, college is the only way millions of jobs are within reach to individuals. In such a competitive job market, certified and educated are more likely to get a job as GED’s become obsolete on a resume. Andrew Rotherham, a Time publisher points out the facts in his article “Actually, College Is Very Much Worth It” that, “86 percent of college graduates still felt the investment was a good one for them” (Rotherham). This comes to show that the payoff is greater than the dent those four or so years put on their financial record. Although there is little instantaneous gratification, statistics show that further in life, those with a degree in their field of work make a lot more than
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