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Katie Strzelecki Professor Craft English 101 Section 25 11 September 2008 Today’s Economic Indicator Every year more and more people graduate from college with degrees in a wide range of subjects. They went through hours of classes, long nights of studying, and wrote endless essays. Why? They want to achieve the goal of one day obtaining a profession, a steady job, they want to make money! But because of today’s economy work for those fresh out of college may be not so easy to find. Does it even matter what degree? Or does it effect everyone? In today’s economy, the importance to choose careers and majors wisely remains important. The job market has become very competitive. Being smart about the career you go into is essential…show more content…
In his cartoon, he features two younger women, Jill and Judy. They happen to see each other at a fast-food restaurant. Judy works there and Jill comes in. They start chatting and Jill tells Judy about her newest achievement, a college degree. Judy looks surprised and very happy for Jill. But then Jill spills that she has actually come there, to the restaurant, for a job interview. Now Judy looks really surprised! Jill just finished saying how she earned this great college degree, but apparently she can’t even find a job pertaining to it. What good does Jill’s degree do then? The cartoon points out that sometimes degrees don’t even matter. If you attend college and pursue a major not currently in demand, then what good does the degree you earn do? Today, picking and choosing majors wisely is important. With the expense of college continuing to rise, most people cannot afford to pursue something they will not make money and benefit from later on. Horsey’s cartoon makes an important statement, one that college students especially should pay attention…show more content…
It tells and shows us exactly what kind of behavior goes on in the job market today. Jobs remain scarce. Certain areas of the market contain more than enough people. It’s all about competition. The best of the best will receive the jobs they worked towards and deserve. Judy had the drive to continue on to college and graduate with a degree. But she didn’t have the drive to search and find a job after that. Due to this, her degree has become useless. She could have chosen a more in demand major, or she could be the driven college student she once was and have the motivation to pursue her dream. Her dream of holding a high end job and getting back what she put in to earning that

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