Education Is Worth It

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Tiffany J. Ocampo Professor Chris Hanns ENG 101-33 September 16, 2011 Education Is Worth It College education is definitely worth having. A college education prepares you for career opportunities and gives you a competitive advantage over those that do not have a college education. A college education provides students the ability to better their life and increase the chances of getting a job. College is a good investment for the students and prepares you for the responsibilities that come with life's every day challenges including getting and keeping a job, and paying rent on time. In this economy, prices go up, unemployment rises and high school graduates or current students of college debate if a college education is worth it. College is very expensive. However, it is worth students’ time to attend college. Although we are facing uncertain times and a difficult economy education is important. Not just on an individual basis but also on a national level. Education allows the country to continue to compete globally. We should let the economic situation deter us from pursue higher education. The economic downturn impacts the nation and millions are affected including students. Graduating high school students continuing their education are affected by this economic situation. Very few students know what type of job they want when they graduate high school. However, a college education will better them to figure out what they want to do for a living. Attending college is valuable for students and it provides the students the ability to learn, gain knowledge and experience from the material taught in the classes they attend. A college education improves the student’s vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and writing skills. In a New York Times survey which questioned if a college education is a good investment, 86% believed college education is a good

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