A Better Life After College

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A Better Life After College College is becoming an essential part of life for many reasons. It used to be that you could get a decent entry level job with a high school diploma or GED. However, as time has passed it is becoming more common for even entry level jobs to require some type of college certificate or diploma. Once I finish my college venture it will change my life in many ways. A few of these include the ability to get a better paying job, the flexibility for more job opportunities that I will be qualified for, and a more stable life for me. With the failing economy having a large impact on higher paying jobs in the area we live in a college degree will help me to get a better paying job. Due to the fact that there are so many unemployed people in the area we live it is hard to find an entry level job that does not require some type of schooling after high school. Most jobs that are available to me currently with just a high school diploma are minimum wage jobs. Thus, with the cost of living rising and the constant rise in everyday essentials such as gas it is hard to live comfortably on that type of pay. Currently I work as a full time shift manager at Burger King. Even though I enjoy my job and many of my co-workers are like a small family away from home I don’t want to make this my long term venture in life. When I complete my schooling I will have a degree in Small Business Management and Accounting. I believe with these degrees and my experience I am presently gaining as a manager many doors will open for me when I graduate. With my current job experience I will have an added advantage and this will open more opportunities for me once my college is complete. The ability to obtain a job with a pay above minimum wage will help me to have a more stable life. A higher paying job will relieve the stress of having to live paycheck to

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