Caroline Bird Essay

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Tyler Tungate Mr. Stamp English 4 August 4, 2014 Rough Draft In “College In America” Caroline Bird states that college is overrated, and a waste of your money. She believes there are other ways to get training for a job other than college. Bird’s view of college is she doesn’t believe it’s the best way to get training for a job because most of the time you don’t use half of the stuff you learned in college. In our century everyone now wants a college degree when you’re applying for a job. Bird’s essay would not apply to high school graduates now a days. I disagree with Bird for the most part because I believe college helps us prepare for our future, expand our knowledge in our major, and we have a better chance to make more money. I do agree with Bird on one of her statements when she says college is expensive. College prices have only been rising because the student population only gets higher. Colleges have to accommodate to the rise in students enrolling. Even if you have a scholarship, financial aid, or some other type of help it is still expensive. I’m on a baseball scholarship and I still will need help paying for this college. Kids think that they can just save the money they would spend on college and start working to make more. They think they will earn more in the long run, but students with a degree make more money than they kids working. College will only help us students for our future by preparing us to manage time and get our work done. College will teach students how to do the work right the first time with no re-dues or make-ups. In the workforce you have one shot to do it right and keep producing more for your company. If you mess up the manager might let you off the hook one time, but if it becomes a habit then you might get fired. College is the same way if you constantly make mistakes that student will not pass the class. In college
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