College Is a Waste Of Time

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Ronald Salamat 10-21-11 English 101-002 Analytical Essay The written text I chose to analyze is “College Is a Waste of Time and Money” by Caroline Bird. In this written text Caroline Bird talks about the options you receive if you don’t attend college. The money we spend by going to college can be used for so much more things that can benefit us is many ways. She says we only attend college because we feel obligated to go when we really have a choice whether or not to really attend. What she’s trying to get out of this essay is her opinion on attending college and makes you also question the thought of college. Caroline Bird mainly is trying to get out that we spend so much money on attending college when we could use that money for other things. In the text she even involves numbers and what we could be doing instead of investing our money in college. College is one of the most expensive expenses you will ever face in life. They make money of our tuition, books, dorming, and transportation just to name a few things. Even with student loans we pay so much more then what we planned to pay. In the end college is just a really complicated expense. I find this interesting because you don’t really need college to do pursue your career (in some cases not every case). If you choose not to go to college you can use your money to invest in other things that can benefit you and can help you later on in life. She makes an opinion that no more than twenty five percent of their students are turned on by class work, the rest take college as a social center and more like a prison that keeps them away from the main-stream of economic life for a few more years (468). Bird also took a note that in 1972 a Princeton-bound high-school graduate had put the $34,181 that his four years of college would have cost him into a savings bank at 7.5 percent interest compounded daily, he
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