Is It Still Necessary To Be Successful In The American Dream?

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James Williams English 102 1 October 2014 American Dream Is it a safe choice for most people to make their mark on the world, minus a four year degree? No, it is not safe. The way the economy is set up in today’s world, in the near future, they cannot work anywhere without a college degree. For instance at most restaurants, employment will not be given unless college degree is provided. Without a college degree anyone could end up not be able to provide for themselves or family. Then, the next question is is a college degree still necessary to be successful in the “American Dream”? A college degree is not necessary because a college degree will not always guarantee employment, will not make you more employable than the next, and it creates debt. A college degree is not necessary because many people have developed skills and became successful without college. How can we as people apply ourselves to the “American Dream”, if we are paying back student loans that could take over 10 years plus. Everyone cannot afford college. Some families take a look at tuition and say that the pay is impossible. There are single parents that…show more content…
Sitting in long lecture classes with a big student body of 40 plus, where the professor barely knows each person name. The learning habits of others are not the same. College could be a complete waste of time. Especially if they are not learning anything, then what are they applying themselves to. Defiantly not the “American Dream”! There are other ways to be successful. They could start small to accomplish the big. Have patience because having patience will increase the ability to accomplish something even greater. Build a foundation, have a starting point. Guidance, and do not look back. Acceptance, accept the negativity and good credit and just push forward. Last but not least belief. Whatever the starting part is believe that it is going to become something great and success is

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