The Importance Of Getting A College Education

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The importance of getting a college education or not             Have you ever wondered if you should get a college degree or not? Most jobs today require a bachelor’s degree instead of just a high school diploma. Going to college today is important, because our society is always changing. There are some benefits after getting a bachelor’s degree. If you don’t get a college education you could miss the opportunity to have a successful career. I have spoken to Chris Bynum and Derik Lochotki on why college is so important. I also asked them what happens if you missed out on college. It is important to get a college education, and it could lead to great benefits in the future.             First, in the past people with a high school diploma could get a simple job and live in a decent home. There were factory jobs, construction and landscaping jobs that did not require educated people. Most of these factory jobs have been shipped over sea to save money for the companies. Construction jobs have come to a halt, especially housing construction and most of the workers are losing their jobs. So now people are looking for better ways to make money instead of manual labor. Today in our society it is important to get a college education and being able work at a job that you enjoy doing. Most jobs today require a bachelor’s degree; college can give you the knowledge that you can use in a specific field or work. It can help you improve your education and knowledge that pertains to your interest and most of your entire major. “Whether that is a technical field such as engineering or medicine or an arts field such as education or history. I think your experience in college also exposes you to new ideas that help you expand your personal
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