The Big Payoff: Obtaining A College Education

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Samantha Gomez Professor Pinto ENGW 1101 September 14, 2011 Hard Work Pays Off Due to the lack of the economical strength in America at this time, a college education can help individuals obtain better jobs despite the inconvenient cost of college expenses. Over the years, a college education has become a necessity for obtaining a good, steady, well-paying job. Making a bachelor’s degree a requirement for jobs is important because it requires students to challenge their intellectual ability, allows them to obtain a well-paying job and becomes very beneficial for their future. Jobs that require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for hiring keep students more engaged and shows their true desire to succeed. Students with a college education…show more content…
A good education is greatly respected and the benefits of having a college degree are much greater than those who do not receive a college education. People who have a high school diploma have fewer opportunities than those who received a college education and job companies are more likely to hire the higher educated person because of their expertise and educational experience. Although this may seem unfair and inconvenient to most, most jobs companies are looking for a more experienced person and someone who will be able to learn quicker and apply the knowledge that they have already obtained throughout college into their…show more content…
In the end, we achieve a true measure of the value we receive from college costs in higher education. People such as Daniel S. Cheever, Jr, question whether or not college is worth the money and if the individuals who continue their education will get the investment they spent on education in return with their work. However, as expressed above in Day’s book, studies have proven that there are better outcomes and a higher investment in a students’ success in life in return for college

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