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My Industry & Key Strategy Buffalo Wild Wings: Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is a casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise in the United States and Canada that is known for its Buffalo wings. It was founded in 1982. Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota. Job title: Cook (2 vacancy) Industry: Restaurant Staffing Strategy Recommendation- Staffing Level - Acquire or Develop talent: Buffalo Wild Wings needs to focus on acquiring talent (need employees who are already talented). Because there is urgency in filling up these two vacancies as restaurant’s current two cooks are leaving by next months and the vacant post need to be fill up by next month. Restaurant has no time to provide any training to any new employees. Buffalo…show more content…
Cook will be the employee of the restaurant and on regular basis. Restaurant manager will have authority on cooks and thus this will result better. Core workforce will be more committed to its job than flexible workforce. Flexible workforce does not look after the welfare of the organization. Hire or Retain: Buffalo Wild Wings must minimize turnover of cook that it will employed so that the need for hiring becomes minimum. Employees of the restaurant know the policy of the restaurant and have job knowledge so retaining employees is important factor. Moreover retaining employee will enable the company to provide quality services to its customers. National or Global: Buffalo Wild Wings must not follow outsourcing strategy. Outsourcing the cooking activity can hamper the quality of foods as the management department of the restaurant will not have any control over the quality of foods. Thus it can lose its customers. Buffalo Wild Wings is popular for the unique taste of the wings. Due to outsourcing of cooking it can lose the secret of that unique taste and thus can lose competitive…show more content…
Relocation for hiring two cooks will become costly for the restaurant so not good strategy. So it is better to attract talented candidate through advertisement and some benefit like health insurance, some facility for cook’s family and some other rewards. Overstaff or Understaff: Buffalo Wild Wings must seek to be fully staffed. Overstaff will cause employees of the restaurant to remain idle and the restaurant needs to take steps to reduce head count such as layoff or early retirement plan. Keeping idle employee in employment will be expensive for the restaurant as the restaurant needs to pay salary to those employees even if it does not gain anything from them. Understaff means labor shortage which will cause employees of the restaurant to do overtime or additional works. Short term or Long term focus: In this case, the restaurant must focus on long term demand of talented cooks. Cooks are not required for short term. Cooks are required to fill up the vacancy which will occur as the restaurant’s current two cooks are leaving permanently by the next month. As the result of this if the vacancy is not filled up the long term labor shortage will

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