Shut Them Down (Anti Indutrial Food)

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Shut Them Down! “You are what you eat is a truism hard to argue with, and yet it is, as a visit to a feedlot suggests, incomplete, for you are what what you eat eats, too. And what we are, or have become, is not just meat but number 2, corn, and oil.” –Michael Pollan The high demand for mass produced, low cost, and efficient food has completely altered the production, quality, and perception of modern food. Large food corporations ignore quality and safety regulations as well as exploiting their farmers and abusing their animals in sight of maximizing profits clearly displayed by the mistreated farmers and low quality food in America. The company’s abuse has consequences that turn out to have hidden economical and sociological costs that are not reflected in the market price of the food. The consumers are paying for these unseen costs while four to seven of corporations dominating the meat industry keep getting richer (Food Inc.). The industrial food production process must be seriously examined and improved because the current production system is sacrificing the integrity of our food at the sake of the consumer. The integrity and health of real food could be maintained if our government finally helps our citizens take a stand to end food born illnesses, animal abuse, and obesity that the industrial food market creates. Between the seasonless crops, genetically modified animals and crops, and the mixture of thousands of cows in one hamburger patty, everything about our food is fake. Real food is organically grown, with real genetics for crops and animals, harmful and unnatural chemical free, and the animals raised are raised on natural diets living a natural life. The whole industrial food industry is a façade that is hidden behind contracts, and agreements between the government, corporations, and their farmers. For example, Carole Morison, a chicken

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