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Effects of Factory Farming Essay

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  • on December 17, 2012
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The Effects of Factory Farming
Kathleen Zylinski
PHI 103 Informal Logic

October 8, 2012

The Effects of Factory Farming
Society as a whole is becoming more and more concerned about profit. There are always new methods or products that can be developed to get the most out of everyone’s money. This seems to be the biggest concern and mission in every industry across the world. Not only how big of a profit they can make but also how cheap they can produce the goods that we eat. It is one thing when industries cut corners and produce inferior products for a to use, but then it is another thing when that product is something that we eat and that we feed our children. When it comes to animals, and how we get our food, there needs to be more than just profit to consider. Not only do we have to worry about our own health and how the process may affect the food we eat, but we also have to think about the animals. Animals are kept in inhumane living conditions just so that we can produce food at a cheaper price. More people can be fed at a lower cost when using factory farming, but it may not be worth the harm it causes the animals, our environment, and possibly our food.
Factory farming started to be able to feed our growing population in a more cost effective way. It was great to be able to feed the growing population of the world in a quicker way than what was happening before. Along the way the treatment of the animals has gone down as well as the quality of the food. “Researchers concluded that the current animal food industry is quite simply unacceptable due to its effects on humans, the environment, and animals raised for
food. Their report came at a time when not only American but world-wide demand
for animal products, especially meat, have risen to their highest point yet.”(Pluhar, 2010) Animals are housed in small cages or pens instead of in a barn or fields like they did before factory farming. Animals had room to roam and grow naturally before factory...

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