Factory Farming Essay

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Factory farming In this unit I researched about factory farming and learned lots of things. The factory farming is a way of producing meats in factories. In short, the mass production of crops and livestock that is aimed at providing food at lower costs to consumers. They usually rear pigs, cows and chickens to produce meat and eggs. Most of the animals in the factories do not see sun lights at all, and some of them have diseases. Therefore farming in a factory is controversial topic around the world. In spite of this argument, I think factory farming is not a bad idea of producing meats and eggs. There are some positive parts of this factory farming. Lot of people has that the factory faming spread diseases to other animals and it is unhealthy. Nonetheless, modern farming stops bad diseases by making the animals healthy. Furthermore, they use clean pesticides, antibiotics, vitamins and fertilizers to produce more and better quality animals. Therefore, costumers could buy meat into lower prices on supermarkets. In addition, promoters of factory farming say that the factory farming helps the economy of a country, creates more jobs, and lower borne illness. In the other hand, there are some negatives of factory farming. Some factories are being cruel to the animals, causing massive pollutions, chemicals like pesticides, destroying communities, causing antibiotic resistance germs, and overcrowded animals in a factory. For these reasons Factory farming is a highly controversial topic between animal rights advocates, environmentalists, farmers and corporations. Considering all these arguments, I think the factory farming should be allowed to produce meats and eggs. The reasons are, we can get meats in cheaper prizes, the animals are healthier to eat, and factory farms do not harm environment a lot. First of all, we can get meats in cheaper prizes when we buy

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