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Victoria Hall 1682892 3/8/2012 LIT 4930 Reaction paper #2 Winner of Best Documentary and Outstanding Informational Programming — Long Form, Food Inc.’s main goal of the film is to inform the general public of the disturbing reality of corporate farming taking place in the current food industry here in the U.S. Nonetheless this shockumentary, or some might even consider it a propaganda film, uses a variety of ways to communicate their important message in a somewhat graphic manner that is intended to capture and take hold of the audience’s attention in order to try to push for change in a positive way. In the very first scene of the movie they have a shot of the inside of an average everyday grocery store with off screen…show more content…
Both of these authors have a wide-range of experience in the food industry before publishing their books, and in fact both are activists for the production of sustainable food. Another source of creditability is when they interview a chicken farmer who is contracted by Tyson. The farmer allowed the film crew inside to give the viewers a rare look into the life of a chicken raised in these chicken houses for Tyson. To say the least the conditions of the chicken house were deplorable. There was very little ventilation, almost no windows to let light in, only two big fans to ventilate the house, and the chickens could barely move due to the lack of available space because so many where crammed in there. I will never forget the farmer telling the camera that is not unusual for the chicken to not be able to walk more than a couple of feet, because their muscles cannot support the weight of their upper bodies due to the fact that they have growth hormones in their feed so they would develop faster. Unfortunately with the costs of having and operating a farm, farmers like the one interviewed and many others, no matter how much they disagree with the methods they cannot stop receiving financial support from the big name companies like Tyson in order to survive and make a…show more content…
We are given a general idea about the history of the meat and produce mass production, by the two authors interviewed throughout the film. Corn growers, who are contracted with Tyson, are also interviewed for the shockumentary. The main purpose of these corn growers are to grow an excessive about of corn to keep it under market price so they feed the animals without breaking the bank so to speak. The film also explains to the viewers that naturally these animals would not consume corn in their everyday diet, however they are feed this product because it is cheap and hormones can be easily added to it allowing for the animal to grow at a faster rate and there for faster production. Sadly because corn is not in the normal diet for these animals it can and it is harmful not only to the environment but also on human health. Pollan who was informing us of all this information then goes on to say the feces from the animals at the immensely large farms can in fact pollute water supplies of the surrounding areas. The film then goes into a truly touching story from a lady named Barbara Kowalcyk, whom is extremely passionate about food safety, because her 2 year old son had been infected with E.coli and had sadly passed away. Barbara was followed throughout the film while she was working to get a law passed, Kevin’s law, for

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