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This documentary is about farmers and how the American food supply chain is changing. The movie starts with interviews of farmers giving their opinion on consumerism and the how farming has changed over the years. They believe that the nutrition’s being fed to the chickens now is greater than what was being fed before and that is why they are growing bigger and faster now. However, the farmers are not sure of what are in the mix of the food other than that some antibiotics for the health of the chickens. Michael Pollan suggests how industrial food system is unsustainable because of monocultures, which means a lot of the same species are grown together and that’s only possible by using antibiotics to keep them alive. To keep crop healthy, fertilizer is needed. For example, in Iowa, all the farms were corn and soybeans, which are for industrial use mainly. Separating the animals from the farms raises a huge sanitation problem and the animals are not happy with the conditions, a pollution problem occurs as well. Society is obsessed with productivity becoming cheap, which has made more problems regarding pesticides. Humans are not respecting the design of nature and valuing the relationship, the animals and plants have with each other. The animals eat the plants that have no use and the animals fertilize the plants. Over 10 million herbicides have been poured on the land of the farmers that has caused them to loose about 90% diversity and their soil is depleting quicker. What they’re farming are not animals, but are farming grass. Food is more nutritious in its fresh and whole form, but most supermarkets sell food that is processed. You get what you pay for, cheap food has a negative effect on your health. They want to change the way the food industry works and give the opportunity to provide everyone fresh food and not only for those who can afford it. They are

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