Argument Analysis: Food Inc.

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Food Inc. Animals are living beings and should be treated with decency in our society. I think that people often see animals as inferior creatures because they are not like us. However they are living creatures that depend on the same sources and basic needs to survive on this planet. For this reason alone, I believe that humans should treat animals with more decency. By seeing their interaction with their own kin in nature, we need to realize that they also have a purpose in life. Although we may not understand them completely, animals share a lot of similar traits with humans. For example, about a portion of them are classified as mammals that reproduce just like us. Thus, we should have a sense of compassion towards them because they…show more content…
Slaughterhouses were gruesome and extremely unethical in their approach to materialize animals. It seems as if animals were no longer living beings but rather objects that humans can reproduce and manipulate. I believe that many people in our society are anthropocentric because a lot of them are not exposed to what the food industries really do. The general public is often occupied with the idea that everything should revolve around improving ourselves. But not a lot of people pay attention to what happens behind the scenes. There has to be a cost to every benefit, whether it may be good or bad. In this case, it cost many tortured animals for farmers and food companies to become powerful and billion dollar industries. There seems to be no balance for these industries because they have sacrificed their ethics for profit. In one part of the video, I was glad to see that there are farmers out there who are willing to treat their cattle and herds ethically even if they were farming them. Animals deserve respect, the least that the farmers could do for them is to allow them to live and eat naturally. After watching the film, I became quite sad because it is not just the animals that these companies are torturing, but also the consumers who eat these products. There is really no remorse for these actions and in a sense, that is really

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