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Over the past few years there has been an uprising movement for the Locavores. Locavores are people who choose to eat food that is locally grown or produced products as much as possible. As this movement is growing, unfortunately our community is considering organizing a locavore movement. When being a locavore, yes you do get food that is normally fresher and at their best taste, but it is not necessary in order to eat healthy. Shrinking the distance that food travels may help the environment in some ways but it has it’s downfalls in others. Local farmers have increased 20% in the past six years, according to the Agriculture Dept. (Source E) but this affects farmers from other parts of the world. Marion Nestle, a professor of public health at New York University states that it is not necessary to eat locally in order to be healthy. “In fact, a person making smart choices…show more content…
You still got all the nutrients and vitamins from foods that are not local. Plus they still taste good. If our community were to start a locavore movement it would affect everyone because we would have to make more space for crops and farmers. Also farmers from around the world would also have fewer costumers. As Source C shows, it actually takes just as much fuel—and thus, just as much pollution—to ship a small load from a local farm as to ship a large load from a farther location. . To buy local means to ignore farm conditions, ignore packaging techniques and simply focus on the distance food is shipped (Source C). As source C continues, it is evident that buying “local” in an urban area from a factory-like farm is simply not what one would expect Instead of choosing to buy groceries because they are grown in the state one lives in, people should buy groceries because the farm they are grown on is safe and environmentally

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