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Organically Processed Red Meat VS Mainstream Processed Red Meat The way we eat has changed more in the past 50 years than it has ever. Grocery stores seem to offer a vast variety of food, and brands, but really it is all controlled buy just a few companies. Most importantly our red meat industry has been boiled down to 4 companies, (Tyson, Swift, Cargill, and National Beef) which supply 80 percent of our country’s red meat. I would like to focus on the health, ecological, and ethical differences between eating mainstream processed red meat, and organically processed red meat. There is any number of well-publicized reasons for not eating red meat. Apart from the warnings from the medical community about diets too rich in red meat, and…show more content…
Conventionally raised cattle have long been fed fats and proteins along with grass and grains; it helps them gain weight more quickly. Unfortunately, much of the fat and protein they’ve been fed in more recent times comes from other animals. This to me is a huge ethical issue; we have gone from letting our cattle naturally eat grass, which they have always done, to changing their diets to something completely different. The FDA still permits cattle to eat feed containing byproducts of pigs, fish, chicken, and horses, among other animals, to promote weight gain. This weight gain is not necessary, it is just desired because cattle can be slaughtered at a younger age and more meat can be produced. Another huge ethical issue concerning mainstream red meat processing is the way the cattle are treated. They are often mistreated before slaughter, and are constantly mistreated while they are being “grown.” One example of the mistreatment is the confined spaces they are forced to live in. The spaces are small, unsanitary, and unnatural to the cattle, along with that they are constantly being fed, and have no room to move so they develop strange disabilities and deformities from living in such a confined…show more content…
The factories are very dangerous places to work and most workers, hired specifically by the companies are undocumented citizens. These people feel that because they don’t have the proper papers for work, they don’t have proper rights, so they complain less about unsatisfactory working conditions. By supporting these huge companies we are not only harming the animals rights but we are allowing these companies to treat their employees with the same lack of respect as they have for the animals. I would now like to go on and explore an alternative meat processing industry, the organic one. People nowadays know that eating organic is usually better, not only does it taste better, but it is more beneficial for the environment, our health, and ethically. By supporting organic farms we are returning to our roots and supporting change. The organic industry is growing 20 percent annually, and people are becoming more familiar with the vast differences between organically grown food and mainstream processed

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