Guns, Germs And Steel: How Europeans Conquer The World

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After watching the Guns, Germs and Steel series about why the europeans conquer the world. I would agree with Jared Diamond and his explanation of how the Europeans were able to conquer an take over world. Throughout the series Jared points out many great ideas on how the Europeans were so successful in their journeys. Europeans greatest strength was their geographical location which brought them the most productive crops and animals on the planet. Jared says, "People around the world who had access to the most productive crops becomes the most productive farmers". As the fertile crescent brought many great crops and animals that spread and Europeans people were able to gain access much earlier then other civilizations. In the first video Jared states…show more content…
People started working with metal in the Fertile Crescent 7,000 years ago, and because Europe is geographically close to the Fertile Crescent, Europeans inherited this metal technology. But they took this technology on to a new level. European soldiers demanded stronger, longer, sharper swords". To this day they still use tools made from stone, they have no animals to help them farm, and have no strong source of protein because they have no native animals. Their lack in technology advancements help them back from growing their population to a greater number. So much work had to go into harvesting their crops and they were unable to store things for a long period of time. Their daily work of harvesting food was all they had time for, it's how they were able to survive. Jared says' "Highland agriculture was based on crops like these taro roots, which are very different from cereal crops. Taro is much more work. You've got to plant it one by on unlike wheat your throw your hand to spread the seed, and these New Guinea crops can't be stored for years the way wheat can-they rot quickly and need to eaten in a short time. They're also low in

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